Facts Of Herpes

Are you tired of your herpes outbreaks that are affecting your pocket, comfort, your sex life and even single day to day activities? The most excruciating part of living with herpes virus is the occurrence of frequent herpes outbreaks. These frequent herpes outbreaks cause itching, redness, pain and swelling of the skin. Herpes can attack you in two forms-oral herpes and genital herpes.  Both forms of herpes are annoying and painful to deal with.

Whether you take or not the antiviral herpes medications or pills to suppress the existing as well as future outbreaks of herpes virus but a strong immune system is most important to control this virus. Antivirals or pills will never make your immune system strong even they make it more prone to the attack of the diseases. If you have a sound immune system, you can effectively control the growth of herpes virus as well as reduce its annoying symptoms. If you want a strong immune system, first you need to stop taking this harmful antiviral herpes medications. After this, you should change your unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits. Herpes-Outbreak

Do you know that vitamins are the great source for strengthening the immunity power? If your body has an adequate amount of vitamins, there are least chances of getting any viral infections. Vitamins come from the food that you eat. Which foods contain vitamin? Which vitamins can prevent the herpes outbreaks? These questions can bother your mind. That’s why we are going to give a brief description about the vitamins for the herpes cure.

Vitamins for Herpes

Once you infected with this virus, you will always be infectious and may spread the virus to other. Consuming certain vitamins for herpes can reduce the severity, duration and frequency of herpes outbreaks.herpes_vitamins This will help you to live more comfortably even with herpes. Studies show that a diet that is rich in antioxidants is a great source of vitamins for herpes. Do you want to know which vitamins can treat herpes symptoms and protect you from the attack of herpes outbreaks?

There are certain vitamins that have been proven to cure herpes as well as reduce the severity and duration of healing of cold sores and other symptoms. Antioxidant vitamins include vitamin A, C and E are absorbed by eating a plenty of fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants not only protects your body from the damage done by the free radicals brought about by environmental toxins and aging but they also protect your skin from the skin infections such as herpes virus. Besides these, there are some other vitamins too that can prevent herpes outbreaks.

Essential Vitamins For Herpes

Vitamin A  

vitamin AMany studies and researchers have found that vitamin A helps in boosting the immunity strength. It is seen that people who regularly take vitamin A are less prone to the herpes outbreaks and these vitamins also make your immune system strong which helps in fighting off the infections. If you do not know about the foods that are rich in vitamin A, not a big issue. Let me tell you that the excellent source of vitamin A is beef liver, spinach, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. So, you need to eat these foods daily to get the essential vitamin A.


Vitamin C

 Vitamin C is easily available in the number of fruits and vegetables. It is found that vitamin C has the ability to fight off the infection including herpes virus by inhibiting the growth of the virus inside of your body. The-Health-Benefits-of-Vitamin-C-If you consume this vitamin regularly, you will less prone to the herpes outbreaks. One of the greatest sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits such as lemon, orange and other source are broccoli, leafy green vegetables, bell pepper, strawberries, papaya, watermelon, mangoes, cabbages and pineapples.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a natural antiviral substance that is critical for human survival as well as effective in fighting off herpes outbreaks. This vitamin works by stimulating your immune system and rallying T-cells to start fighting off infections. You might have known that the biggest source of vitamin D is sunlight. 10-15 minutes of exposure to sunlight daily will help you in getting the adequate amount of sunlight in your body. Additionally, you can also take vitamin D3 supplements. This is completely a natural herpes cure.

All these vitamins are essential for the human body and to make your immune system strong. These vitamins help in strengthening the immunity power as well as reduce the frequency and duration of herpes outbreaks. For curing herpes, these vitamins and foods play a vital role in making your body healthy. So, include these foods in your diet and you will significantly reduce the herpes outbreaks.

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